More Applicational Beauty of Faith Alone

The reason why we needed a person of infinite dignity to obey for us, was because of our infinite comparative meanness, who had disobeyed, whereby our disobedience was infinitely aggravated. We needed one, the worthiness of whose obedience might be answerable to the unworthiness of our disobedience, and therefore needed one who was as great and worthy as we were unworthy. – Jonathan Edwards, Justification By Faith Alone

There is an explicit reason why human beings cannot do anything whatsoever to merit our salvation, and that reason is the complete and total brevity of our sins and what they are to God. The nascent of our dreadful sin comes from our very nature, from which there also came a time where we were handed over to the desires of our flesh, to enjoy in all of it’s wicked passions. But now, after been regenerated, and given faith, we have been justified; but what by?

Answer; faith alone.

The REASON we are justified by faith alone; we are evil.

We have sinned against an infinite God, and like Edwards describes, have infinitely demerited ourselves of any rights whatsoever; we deserve nothing, God owes us nothing, and to top it off, we also want(ed) nothing to do with God, we spit in His face, we have hated Him, we have despised Him, and although He laid down His life freely, this does not change the fact that it was the pure grace of God that held Him there on that cross, suffering for every one of our sins. We cannot be justified by anything but faith, due to the fact that, because of our iniquity, nothing we do in and of ourselves is good whatsoever. You show me someone without Christ, and I’ll show you someone that can do, and only will do, things that are overall an offense and under condemnation by God.

Practical applications to this theological statement:

1) Be in constant thanks to the Lord.
There is no better gift than this precious love of God that justifies you by faith, through the free gift of grace that is brought forth by no man, and taken away by no man. Constantly rejoice of the Christ that hung upon a tree for you. Always remember and never forget that while your salvation was freely given, it was paid for in blood.

2) Look to Christ; not yourself.
We, as human beings, seem to look towards ourselves when we fail, because after being ransomed by Christ and regenerated by His Spirit, we still strongly realize our shortcomings. While the realization is good, we need to always constantly look to the Cross when we realize our sin. We HAVE to look towards His grace, and every time we are in the midst of our sin, we must pray that God fight it, and we must thank Him for already paying the price for it.

3) Be in constant prayer for the lost.
It is all too often that we, being saved by grace, forget what it is we are saved by, and how little we deserve it. So if I have forgotten, or anyone reading this has forgotten, let me be quick to remind myself and anyone else exactly what we deserve: condemnation. So with that being said, we are required to be caring and gracious for those whom the Lord has not saved, for it may be one prayer away from when He saves them. It is perfectly fine, and I believe right of us to beg God to save the wicked from their sin like He has us. And although in the end, God does what He wills, if He doesn’t do what we want Him, we must still daily thank Him for what He has done, and humble ourselves in the presence of the mighty God that reigns forever and ever, Amen.

-Wesley Tyler Robinson

“Walk humbly; ye are justified, but it is by the righteousness of another” – Thomas Boston


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