Some Resources For Studying Biblical-Textual-Criticism..

These are a few sites that have provided me with a wide variety of information on the textual criticism of the Bible and it’s original manuscripts and writings. It is extremely important for us as followers of Christ to study diligently to know the written Word of God as well as we can, this sometimes means going back to the original languages and studying where our Scriptures, and where the Canon comes from.

A cool website with tons of great information, a little hard to maneuver around at first, but once you get used to it you can find some good stuff:

This one is a little harder to get around, and I disagree with some of the opinions on there, but tons of great information on the manuscripts and translation:

Multiple articles on textual criticism from reliable sources:

Now, here are several articles by James White on the KJV-Only controversy; you can learn alot from this.

-Wesley Robinson


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