A Meditative Thought On The Cross

When theologians debate the atonement, what it is, what it has accomplished, or it’s extent, etc, they often forget to just stop and think on what atonement is.

Atonement is a satisfactory payment for a wrong committed. Scripture goes on to show that our atonement wasn’t just satisfactory payment, but was also substitutional in nature, meaning that Christ’s death and blood was a substitute for ours. He took my place; He stood condemned where I should have….all to set me free. This thought on atonement naturally leads to the topic of propitiation; a word used often, and explained often, but nonetheless one of the words with the most beautiful meaning.

To know that in my sin, I had infinitely demerited myself of anything, deserving eternal punishment and suffering, it is immensely amazing to discuss propitiation. The most awesome wrath that I deserve was poured out in the very last drop on Christ. My lies, my hate, my lust, my sick desires, were cast upon Him in order to set me free from my sin. I can’t even begine to explain how that makes me feel…

The last thing that constitutes beauty in the cross to me, is that although He died, although He was condemned, although He stood in my place…He rose again.

The pangs of death could not hold Him, they could not keep Him in their presence. And now He sits at His Father’s throne, waiting the consummation of His bride that He has clothed in His robe of righteousness.

– Wesley Tyler Robinson


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