While thinking about my life, and analyzing my thought patterns I happened to remember Jonathan Edward’s poignant ‘Resolutions’ that he wrote at a young age. They were a simple collection of things he resolved to do, things he desired, things he could not always do but resolved to remember to actively fight for, even when he failed. Thinking on all of these things, I found it to be most beneficial and helpful to write a similar list of personal reminders to myself, seeing as I wander so easily. I may sound redundant in this writing, but remember that these are to make it easier for me to remember things that I am so prone to quickly forget. As it turns out, sometimes dead Puritans have much more beneficial and simpler ways of doing things. Anyways, I post this in hopes that someone else may possibly benefit from such thoughts as well as myself.

1. Resolved, to endeavor in all things to take joy in the Gospel that God the Father so loved me that He sent God the Son to life a perfect life in my place, and pay the penalty for my sin at the Cross and resurrect so that I may also be resurrected, so that God the Holy Spirit could regenerate and indwell me and sanctify me.

2. Resolved, in this life to fight indwelling sin and all of its partners to the death, even to the point of bloodshed, for the glory of the God who has ransomed me from it.

3. Resolved, to endeavor by the power of the Holy Spirit to glorify God in all that I say and do.

4. Resolved, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to tame my tongue and repent daily of all wickedness that proceeds from within the heart.

5. Resolved, to endeavor to preach the Gospel in any given situation, regardless of loss of pride, health, mental stability, or material objects.

6. Resolved, to think of my life as ‘a vapor’ and live it as such to the glory of the risen Christ.

7. Resolved, to not fear any man, power, or threat when, but instead to treat such threats as an incentive to preach the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus, not fearing those who can kill the body only, but He who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.

8. Resolved, even though I may never see the threat of temporary death for the Gospel, to be prepared for it and remember those who do.

9. Resolved, when I see the beauty of the nature to remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, through whom all such things subsist.

10. Resolved, when I see the sunshine and the beauty of nature, to also remember my brothers and sisters imprisoned for preaching the Gospel of our Lord, whom will likely not see such beauty again until they die.

11. Resolved, to endeavor to preach the whole counsel of God, regardless of what personal, financial, or health risks are at stake.

12. Resolved, to love the Lord even when those I love may hate Him.

13. Resolved, to endeavor to consistently meditate on and enjoy communion with the One Triune God through persistent prayer, and laborious study of His Scriptures.

14. Resolved, to take joy in the display of God’s glory through those who have gone before me and have been killed, remembering that ‘the blood of the martyr’s is the seed of the church.’

15. Resolved, to call out all societal darkness and wickedness, and to not forget that only the Gospel is the solution to such cultural ills.

16. Resolved, to fight for Gospel centered community, remembering that the Lord works through it, no matter how much sin drags me away from it.

17. Resolved, to endeavor to show those that I love, the reason I love them; because Christ has first loved me.

18. Resolved, to call out any blatant heretics who claim to represent or preach the Gospel and instead preach a message that leads to damnation.

19. Resolved, to endeavor to speak the truth always in love, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

20. Resolved, to endeavor to never think of myself as more than I am; a blasphemous, sickening, vile worm of a human, redeemed by Christ alone, through grace alone, justified by faith alone, according to the Scriptures, and to the glory of God alone.

21. Resolved, to think of all sin that I commit as so evil that it required the death of the only Righteous One to atone for it.

22. Resolved, to endeavor to work joyfully in all things that I do, even though I may not want to do them necessarily.

23. Resolved, to endeavor to joyfully take rest in the Lord, through consistent sabbath-rest and meditation on the Scriptures.

24. Resolved, to worship the Lord regardless of what any man may think of it.

25. Resolved, to worship joyfully, sacrificially, and in humility.

26. Resolved, to learn humility.

27. Resolved, to endeavor to enjoy my brothers and sisters in Christ more often.

28. Resolved, to never think that I have exhaustively comprehended the Lord and all His attributes, but to remember that He is the potter, and I, the clay.

29. Resolved, to always be willing to defend the truth of the Scriptures.

30. Resolved, to endeavor by the power of the Holy Spirit to kill all idols that my sinful heart may produce.

31. Resolved, to not be careless about the hearts and souls of others, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

32. Resolved, to remember the poor, orphans, and widows, knowing that the Lord will save many from every culture, tribe, tongue, nation, class, and that He has said ‘he who ignores the cries of the poor and oppressed will one day call out and not be answered.’

33. Resolved, to quickly repent.

34. Resolved, to REMEMBER to quickly repent, that I may more quickly be filled with and reminded of the joy in Christ that sin causes me to doubt.

35. Resolved, to never be lazy, but always laboring for the Kingdom of Christ.

36. Resolved, to never deny or renounce the One True God.

37. Resolved, when I suffer, to remember how Christ suffered, and that those who suffer with Him will be ‘glorified with Him.’

38. Resolved, when I suffer, to remember that all things I go through have first passed through the hands of God the Father, and they are for my ultimate good and His ultimate glory.

39. Resolved, to endeavor to not to be anxious, knowing that ‘tomorrow will worry about itself.’

40. Resolved, to lead people only to the Gospel of Christ when given any chance to, remembering He is the radiance of the glory of God, and the only One worthy of leading someone to.

41. Resolved, to listen carefully to others, not in pretention, but in love.

42. Resolved, to be willing to forsake any leisure or tradition that is a boundary to preaching the Gospel to whatever culture I find myself in.

43. Resolved, to never forget the sweetness of truth that is He loves me, even though I hated Him.

44. Resolved, to remember to mourn when mourning is due.

45. Resolved, to remember that mourning lasts for a season, but it must turn into rejoicing in Christ.

46. Resolved, to learn better how to be ‘all things to all men.’

47. Resolved, to fight licentiousness and legalism with all that is in my being.

48. Resolved, on every occasion it comes to mind, to stop and think on the Lord in pleasureful worship, even for a moment.

49. Resolved, when I have good food and drink to never take it for granted, but to enjoy the Lord whom through such things came in to being, and were even given to me for enjoyment.

50. Resolved, to never forget the simple beauty and sweetness of these words from the Cross; ‘It is finished!’

Soli Deo Gloria
Wesley Tyler Robinson
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