Thoughts On Societal Wickedness

NOTE: I was only 17 years old and going to Rose State College when I wrote this, but I found it in my notebook the other day and found it quite interesting. I still agree with it.

The degeneration of society should come of no surprise to believers, but in just looking around every day I still become shocked anew at the blatant evils being committed so consistently by the people who are a walking blasphemy of the Lord’s Name. So dark and venomous, they’re deceitful hearts passionately remind me every day of the wretched corpse of a soul that I was ransomed from. Praise the Lord for saving souls to call His own! I am eternally thankful.

But even though I am thankful to the utmost for my salvation, I still cannot help but be amazed by the audacity of those men that are left up to their sin. They trample on the Gospel and prove Scripture to be even more accurate in portraying the complete and utter depravity of man and how the carnal mind hates the Lord.

It is for these very reasons however, that I pray for the salvation of as many as the Lord wills, because I know in my heart that I was just like them, but worse. So then, let us continually pray that the Spirit would regenerate these men, and bring them out of this society filled with devils and show them the cross of salvation.

Let us preach the full, unadulterated, offensive, and beautiful Gospel of our God with the Spirit of God that is in us. Let us go to them in love, for the glory of God, and tell them of the only Name of grace that saves us from our infinitely evil trespasses. Let us shout from the rooftops that grace which we have received, because without that grace the sins of men are leveled before them and there is no hope.

“Woe to me, if I do not preach the Gospel!”

Soli Deo Gloria



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