“A Poem For My Mother” from May 10th, 2009

Whilst I am in the trend of finding some of my older posts from other sites and putting them on here, I happened upon this poem I wrote for my mother on Mother’s Day 2009. So, here it is:

Twas’ the grace of God that has brought me,
Into this earthly dwelling;
But through my mother He has shown me,
That there is more than birth in His blessing.

Whilst frail and weak she nurtured me,
And called me her treasure;
God the Father has used her,
To make the Lord my pleasure.

Her love was not of just her own,
As one can plainly see;
But a similar sort that Christ has shown,
That I might be set free.

He put in her a care for me,
A child weak and frail;
Resembling the blood shed for me,
To take away my veil.

O how deep a mothers love,
Whom is in love with the Lord!
He has lavished grace from above,
And her prayers He has not ignored.

For her child He has ransomed,
And made him hurriedly discover;
That there is glory given to God,
Through the love of a gentle mother.


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